When and how much protein should you drink for weight loss?

Some people think that protein should be taken strictly before or after exercise. But since this is the same source of protein as meat or eggs, it follows that cocktails should be drunk when there is a need for protein. For example, for breakfast, there was cereal with fruit, only carbohydrates. This is good, it is energy, but it is advisable to add a little protein. Therefore, you can drink a portion of the cocktail after porridge.

The same need for protein arises after training, as a very resource-intensive activity. Therefore, if it is not possible to eat after class, then it is better to drink a portion of protein so that the body has the opportunity to recover.

In general, when losing weight, it is very important to eat nothing for an hour or two after a workout, since the fat burning processes launched during exercise continue. But after the specified time, you can drink the same protein shake or eat something protein.

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