The manufacturer offers to choose exactly your own from more than 20 presented. These are raspberry cheesecake, chocolate, Danish biscuit, rice, strawberry, buckwheat, apple-cinnamon, coconut, peanuts, chocolate-hazelnuts, oatmeal with cherries, pistachio ice cream, almonds, tiramisu, cranberries, and goji berries, mango-banana, pineapple-cherry, walnut with honey, lemon cake, currant-blueberry pancake. Bombbar has a higher protein content, accounting for 40% of the total composition. In 100 grams of its 33 g, in a bar weighing 60 grams of protein 20 g. The composition is low-calorie, it does not contain gluten, sugar, GMO. It contains 20 grams of fiber. The sweetener is a natural plant substance – stevia extract. Vitamin C increases endurance, strengthens the immune system, and improves metabolic processes.

The manufacturer offers two types of bar: classic and Slim. In the second, the protein content is less (34%), but it contains L-carnitine, which is important in losing weight and gaining muscle mass. All consumers unanimously rated this bar as “excellent”.

CHAMP Protein Bar

Its use corresponds to a full meal. 100 g of the product contains 17% protein, which allows it to be used by people who are gaining muscle mass and those who follow a strict diet. Among the five different tastes, everyone will find their own. These are chocolate cherries, caramel, banana, nutty, strawberry. The composition does not contain harmful components. It includes milk and soy protein, hydrolyzed collagen, oat fiber, coenzyme, extruded rice, fruits and berries, and coconut flakes. Sugar replaced with stevia leaf extract.

The respondents noted that the bar has everything you need to have a high-quality and satisfying snack before and after training and to improve the general condition of the body. It stimulates metabolism, strengthens bone tissue, ligaments, joints, helps to better endure strenuous physical activity, and is useful for the cardiovascular system.

PowerBar Natural Protein Bar

It contains no artificial ingredients: flavors, preservatives, colorants. A well-chosen recipe from natural ingredients allows you to have a snack with benefits for the body and quickly achieve your goals. 1/3 of the composition is high quality, easily digestible soy protein. It speeds up the workout, helps to quickly gain muscle mass, gets rid of excess fat. The protein bar does not contain animal products, therefore it is suitable for people who adhere to the principles of vegetarianism. The many flavors allow athletes with different preferences.

The opinion of experts and ordinary buyers is the same. They recommend the bar as a great source of protein. It is harmless to the body, does not contain sugar and excess carbohydrates. Choosing Natural Protein Bar, you can be sure that the result will not belong in coming.

Quest Protein Bar

A product that comes in 15 different flavors, including peanut butter, white chocolate, mint, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla, cinnamon roll, oatmeal cookies, mocha, blueberry muffin, apple pie, and more. The brand has long been known in the sports nutrition market, and its products are invariably becoming popular among both professionals and amateurs. The balanced composition contains everything you need for effective training. A high amount of protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Exceptionally expensive and high-quality products serve as a source of protein. Milk and whey protein isolates work well during exercise and for hours after exercise. Sugar is completely excluded from the recipe. Plant extracts replace it. Natural fiber reduces appetite and improves digestive function. The composition contains vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Athletes who regularly eat the Quest bar have confirmed its high taste and recommend it to everyone who chooses an active lifestyle.

Power System High Protein Bar

And a bar of the German brand, which easily fits in your pocket or bag and can always replace a full meal. The recipe is well designed and includes everything you need to maintain the body during and after exertion. 32% comes from high-quality protein. The purest milk protein serves as an additional tool for building the muscle frame. The complex of vitamins saturates with the necessary nutrients for the normal functioning of all body systems. They prevent the action of free radicals, the amount of which increases significantly during periods of increased stress. The optimal carbohydrate percentage provides an energy requirement.

The bar is made according to a unique recipe from environmentally friendly raw materials. It is free of GMOs, stimulants, synthetic flavors, and banned substances. The great taste will appeal to both those who are on a diet and those who are gaining weight.

Vplab Low Carb Protein

A bar produced by a famous brand from Great Britain. There are several flavors to choose from chocolate, vanilla, red fruits, coconut, cheesecake, caramel, dark chocolate-coconut. The product is created using natural high-quality ingredients without chemical additives. A 35-gram bar contains 11 g of protein. The minimum amount of calories guarantees a healthy snack. Fiber helps the digestive system and helps control appetite when dieting. Slow-digesting carbohydrates provide a feeling of fullness. Sucralose serves as a sugar substitute.
According to reviews, the bar at an affordable price is an excellent source of health benefits. Its action will appeal to both professional athletes, and amateurs, and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. It will satisfy hunger before and after training, it will be an excellent alternative to a full meal. Everyone liked the variety of tastes, the pure composition without harmful impurities, the quick satisfying of hunger.

Protein Joy by QNT

The main feature of Protein Joy protein bars is their very low sugar level. It is contained in the composition in the amount of 2.2 g. This is slightly more than in the QuestBar, but also not so significant.

Another advantage of the product is the presence of collagen peptides. It is an easily digestible and highly active form of collagen, indispensable in the body’s recovery processes. This is why Protein Joj is ranked among the best protein bars.

Another plus can be noted the unusual tastes of the line: “cookies-cream”, “cookies-caramel”, “vanilla”.

Protein Rex

Protein Rex bars. Their line contains many flavors and several different servings: 35, 40, 50, and 60 g. All are characterized by a high enough protein content, which allows the product to compete with BombBar.

So, for a 35 g serving, the amount of protein is 11 g, that is, slightly more than 30%.
The amount of carbohydrates in the composition is low – about 5 g. Proteins include whey and soy protein isolates, as well as milk protein concentrate. The latter is characterized by a slower absorption, which allows maintaining amino acids at a high level for 6-8 hours. Soy protein isolate, in turn, is useful during periods of drying and weight loss, and due to its plant origin, it is effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

Protein Rex bars also contain IMO – the same prebiotic found in Bombar. The pluses include the presence of guarana extract, which has fat-burning properties. The average calorie content of one bar is 190-200 kcal.

Optimum Nutrition Optimum Protein Bar

This bar is a well-known American brand of sports supplements that develops unique recipes and uses only safe raw materials. Its optimally formulated formula will help both professionals and amateurs to conduct quality workouts with a high degree of effectiveness. The product is suitable for those who want to build muscle mass and those who want to lose extra pounds. It ranks ninth on the list. The multicomponent protein consists of the highest quality dairy and whey proteins. Its share in a 60-gram bar is 21 g. Natural dietary fiber quickly satisfies hunger, reduces appetite, and stimulates the function of the digestive system. Sugar has been removed and replaced with sucralose and maltitol.

The respondents noted that the bar is not only tasty but also rich in protein, which saturates muscles with essential amino acids for growth and recovery. The low proportion of simple sugars makes it stand out from other similar foods.

Prime Kraft PRIMEBAR

A bar of a popular sports food brand. It contains no GMOs and other harmful components. Due to the high concentration of proteins, hunger is quickly satisfied. The recipe includes a mixture of proteins: milk, soy, and whey. Thanks to this combination, the effect lasts for several hours. During intense power loads, endurance increases, after training, the body recovers faster. The bar tastes quite sweet. Sugar replaced by plant extracts of stevia leaves. Extruded grains improve digestion and promote long-term satiety. Ascorbic acid stimulates metabolic processes, gives energy. Dried fruits and berries provide aroma and taste.

The respondents noted that the bar is a good substitute for high-calorie foods for those with a sweet tooth. It is also effective for power loads, which is confirmed by multiple positive reviews. Most shoppers used the product as a quick and tasty snack between meals.

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